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Tom & Tom’s Men’s Discussion Group

Mondays at 8:45am

We want to hear your stories and we’ll share a few of our own.

Come visit over an endless cup of coffee!

This is a walk-in program.

French Discussion Group

First and Third Mondays at 4:15pm

Join this casual, friendly group to practice your language skills and have fun.

Participants at all skill levels are welcome!

This is a walk-in program.

Chair Exercises

Mondays and Fridays at 10:15am

This low impact exercise program is perfect for those looking for an

easy, effective exercise routine.

This is a walk-in program.

Walking at Proctor Academy Gym

Monday through Friday at 8:30-10:00am

Please call COA at 526-6368 for more information.

This is a walk-in program.

Outdoor Recreation for Seniors

Tuesdays at 10:00am

Join this active group to bike, hike, kayak and more!

Memoir Writing Group

Tuesdays at 10:00am

This is a walk-in program.

Walk-In Painting Group

Tuesdays at 1:00pm

Bring your current painting project to work on. This is an informal group and

we’d love to have you join us.

This is a walk-in program.

Shamablla Reiki with Linda Luck

Fourth Tuesdays (October 23)

Appointments from 10:00am to 3:30pm

Linda Luck of “Lady Luck healing therapies” will be accepting appointments for Shamablla Reiki at the Chapin Senior Center on the fourth Tuesday of each month. During the Reiki sessions, Linda will be checking the Chakras (energy centers) of clients to look for blockages in their energy system. Upon the completion of the session, she will review what was found concerning the Chakras and give the client paperwork explaining what any blockages mean for the client's health and what can be done about it. Shamballa Reiki works on energy concerned with mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Sessions are 15 minutes in length and the cost is $15 per session. Please contact the COA at 526-6368 for an appointment.

Friends Program Bone Builders Exercise Classes

Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:00-11:00am

This senior exercise program helps strengthen bone, build muscle and improve balance. You can exercise while seated or standing using small hand weights. Classes are held in the Newbury Heights Community Room, 52 Newbury Heights Road, Newbury.

This is a walk-in program.

Line Dancing with Dee Connors

Wednesdays at 10:00am

Kearsarge Community Presbyterian Church, New London

Line dancing includes a variety of styles of dancing, needs no partner, and is lots of fun! An excellent form of exercise for both the mind and body.

This is a walk-in program.

Needlework Craft Group

Wednesdays at 1:00-3:00pm

Love to cross stitch, do needlework, quilt, knit or crochet? We do, too! We'd love to chat, laugh, and get to know the folks who enjoy the same hobbies we enjoy. Please join us!

This is a walk-in program.

Tai Chi

Wednesdays at 2:30pm

Kearsarge Community Presbyterian Church, New London, NH

This is a walk-in program.

Bike Group

Thursday mornings

The COA Bikers trek forth every Thursday morning from Spring through Fall for a 25-mile (more or less) bike ride from various locations in New Hampshire and occasionally, Vermont. Our goal is enjoying the scenery and getting a bit of exercise. We definitely are not training for the Tour de France! The speed tends to be around 10 MPH. Please call COA at 526-6368 for more information or to be placed on the email contact list for schedule information.

Caregiver Support and Discussion Group

Fourth Thursdays at 1:30pm

There is no instruction manual for being a caregiver! Join this peer-led group to learn tips, strategies and advice from those experiencing the same challenges and rewards.

Women’s Discussion Group

Fridays at 9:00am

Get to know your neighbors over a casual cup of coffee.

Join friends, new and old, to visit, chat and share!

This is a walk-in program.


Fridays at 2:00pm

Ten games for $5. Ten bingo sheets with 6 cards on each sheet.

Participants must be 55 years old and older.

Please call COA at 526-6368 to register.


Duplicate Bridge – Mondays at 12:45pm and Wednesdays at 9:15am

Contract Bridge – Thursdays at 9:30amThis is a walk-in program.


Poker – Tuesdays at 2:00pm

Hand and Foot Card Game– Wednesdays at 1:00pm

Mahjong - Fridays at 12:30pm

Blood Pressure Clinic

Monday, October 1 at 9:30am

This is a walk-in program.

A Short Course in Islam for Non-Muslims with Dr. Charles Kennedy

Tuesday, October 2 at 10:00am at COA

The foundation of Western civilization rests on three monotheistic faiths - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The interaction between and among these systems of belief continues to impact events in daily life and politics on the world stage. Following an outline of Islamic beliefs and practices, discussion will turn to how Islam is practiced in the United States.

Charles Kennedy earned a PhD from Yale University's Department of Near Eastern Languages and Literatures. He is Professor Emeritus at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Dr. Kennedy has published widely on the subject of the Bible and early Christian life and taught adult-education classes at Colby-Sawyer College on such varied topics as Islam, religions in America, and vaudeville. Dr. Kennedy is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ.

Please call COA at 526-6368 to register.

Parkinson’s Support Group - Tuesday, October 2 at 1:00pm

You are invited to join this lively, welcoming and supportive group! This is a walk-in program.

Chair massage with Julie Corey of Sunapee Lake Massage

Wednesday, October 3 - Appointments from 1:00pm to 3:20pm at the Chapin Senior Center. Chair massage has been shown to boost endorphins, loosen muscles, enhance blood circulation, improve balance and flexibility, reduce pain and encourage overall well-being. Call us at 526.6368 to schedule your appointment!

VNA Foot Care Clinic at COA

Friday, October 5 & October 12 at 9:30am-1:00pm

$25 Please call COA at 526-6368 to schedule an appointment.

Computer Class with Laura Thompson

Saturday, October 6 at 9:00am – 11:00am

(1/2 hour appointments beginning at 9:00am)

Are you looking for answers to questions about basic computer and iPad skills? Sign up for a one-on-one half hour session by calling 526-6368.

Morning Book Group - Tuesday, October 9 at 9:30am

Fever by Mary Beth Keane

Bringing early-twentieth-century New York alive—the neighborhoods, the bars, the park carved out of upper Manhattan, the boat traffic, the mansions and sweatshops and emerging skyscrapers—Fever is an ambitious retelling of a forgotten life. In the imagination of Mary Beth Keane, Mary Mallon, nicknamed “Typhoid Mary,” becomes a fiercely compelling, dramatic, vexing, sympathetic, uncompromising, and unforgettable heroine.

This is a walk-in program. Please call COA at 526-6368 to obtain a book.

Meditation Class - Tuesday, October 9 at 2:00pm

Meditation is a process of exploring the heart and mind through awareness in the present moment. It enhances clarity, concentration, relaxation and positive mind states while alleviating stress, anxiety, depression and other medical conditions. This is done by recognizing our true nature; that we are already whole & complete just as we are. Mediation assists in the process of getting to know ourselves and realizing what creates our happiness and what leads to our suffering. We will be sitting in chairs and will be doing some silent/guided meditation sessions along with contemplations. No prior meditation experience is necessary. These on-going classes will be guided by Ilene Venizelos. For questions or to register, please call COA at 526-6368.

Movie Matinee - Thursday, October 11 at 2:00pm

“The Post”

A cover-up that spanned four U.S. Presidents pushed the country's first female newspaper publisher and a hard-driving editor to join an unprecedented battle between the press and the government. Please call COA at 526-6368 to register.

Powerful Tools for Caregivers - THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN CANCELLED

Tuesdays, Oct 16 thru Nov 20 - 2:00-3:30 pm

Powerful Tools for Caregivers is a FREE six-week educational program. Caring for someone with a chronic disease can be stressful physically, emotionally, and financially. Join us to learn tips on how to take better care of YOU! Sponsored by Community Action Program Belknap-Merrimack Counties, Inc. Please call (603)225-3295 x. 1137 to pre-register.

Humanist, Agnostic, Atheist Discussion Group

Thursday, October 18 at 1:30pm

Welcome to those who are interested in delving into a variety of humanist and non-theist topics. We share our knowledge and experiences related to the challenging questions of religions, spirituality, and how they influence our lives. Using reason, critical thinking, and honest examination, we do our best to approach personal truths. Bring your thoughts, your questions, and an open mind, and join our lively, respectful monthly discussions. This is a walk-in program.

How Your Internal Environment Affects You” - Linda Luck, MSc.B, Med, CHt, RMT

Thursday, October 18 at 2:00pm

Your Fears, Beliefs & Perceptions. Where they came from, how do we get rid of the bad ones, keep the good ones and change the ones that need it?

Your “Life Baggage”. Everyone has some, what can we do about it?

Your Anger. What causes it? How do we handle it?

Change. Change happens. How do we deal with the change that will happen? Learn the stages of change to be able to work with it in our lives.

Time. How do you feel about time? Time management tips.

These are just some of the things that affect our Internal Environment and that we can learn about to improve our everyday lives. Linda Luck is a Nationally Certified Hypnotherapist with 17 years’ experience and a Shamballa Reiki Master, Healer, Teacher. She was also an Associate Professor at White Mountains Community College where she developed and taught in the Massage Therapy program. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Metaphysical Science and a Master’s Degree in Education. Please call COA at 526-6368 to register.