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One day I'll. . . .

by Trudy Cohen

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. OK, I am a procrastinator, I'm lazy, and I have no self discipline. I admire people who are ambitious, take on difficult challenges, and are courageous. That's not me. I look for the easy way out, short cuts, and the simplest way to get the job done. I've known people who have set very high standards for themselves, and met their goals. I applaud them.

I often say to myself, one day I'll take a cruise to Iceland and Greenland. I'll get motivated, and lose 20 lbs. I'll read “A Tale of Two Cities”, I'll wash the windows. Hummm. I argue with myself for 15 minutes before I finally get in the car and drive to Claremont to the supermarket. I can't get to church on Sunday morning any more. Once upon a time, I wouldn't miss going to church or helping with coffee hour and pot luck dinners.

So, what is my problem? I don't have one. I'm actually content, and exceedingly happy doing what I want, when I want, and if I want. No responsibilities, except to my pets: Pierre, Serena and Taffy. One day I'll get my novel finished, however. Yup, and I'll start going to church again, too. Yeah, sounds good. Let me think it over some more.