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Be sure to visit our "Programs" page to learn more about the exciting new on-line programs we have available through our partnership with "Senior Learning Network!

COA IS OPEN! We can't wait to see you!

The Transportation Program is operating with a modified ride schedule. Please call COA Monday through Thursday from 9:00am to 3:00pm to schedule a ride.

Please take advantage of our Mobility To Go program if you would like to borrow mobility equipment. Please call 526-6368 from your home or from your car in the COA parking lot and a staff member will assist you.

Please visit the calendar and program list on this website to learn about the programs we're offering. All indoor programs will be limited to 10 attendees and pre-registration is required. We cannot accept walk-ins.

Please note masks will be required when entering the building. See below for a full explanation of COA's re-opening procedures.


9:00am - 3:00pm Monday through Thursday Closed Friday


If you benefited from our outreach phone calls and would like to continue to be part of the program, or if you would like to be added to the call list, please call Sharon at 526-6368. We're here just to check in or to chat!


Volunteer Drivers Needed!

Many of the seniors who live in your town rely on the Chapin Senior Center’s Volunteer Transportation Program. You could help provide much needed transportation to medical appointments, grocery shopping and local errands.

Drive when it fits your schedule! Please call Karen at 526-6368.


Procedures for the Re-Opening of COA

Sign on door indicating we are following social distancing precautions followed by the following bullets:

Social Distancing Precautions defined as a six -foot distance between individuals reducing the number of times people come into close contact with each other

**Enter through front door entrance only. If ramp is required, please knock on side entrance door for assistance.

**Entrance to COA will require a mask.

**Questions regarding your health and travel will be requested on a written form. A permeant record will be kept for contact tracing.

**Please stop at sanitizing station and wash your hands.

**Wait for a staff member to take your temperature. No one with a temperature of 99.9 or above will be admitted in the building.

**Please adhere to the red social distancing markers on the floor.

**Social gatherings outside of the normal programing is not permitted.

Staff Procedures

** Staff will have temperatures taken upon arrival to work daily

** Staff will have oxygen levels taken upon arrival to work daily

** Staff will not report to work if not feeling well

** Staff will be COVID tested prior to returning to work or if they have a temperature above 99.9

Mobility Program

Will be a re-named “MOBILITY ON THE GO”. Individuals will be asked to call the COA number from their vehicles or home and request the desired equipment. Equipment will be ready for delivery upon their arrival. The Mobility Equipment Registration form will be available on the COA website to be completed before arrival. The form will also be available to complete at COA. Equipment can be kept for 6 weeks with the option to renew.

Transportation Program

This program will be run by a Licensed Nursing Assistant through August. She will follow strict precautions while transporting. She will take a temperature prior to transport. Clients with a temperature of 99.9 or over will not be transported. Rider and driver will be masked, and vehicle will be cleaned between each ride. Rider will be in the backseat. These precautions will allow for proper contact tracing. We are only doing essential transportation to medical appointments and grocery stores.

Individuals Visiting COA

Visitors will be asked the nature of their visit and the entrance procedures. They will be assisted and directed as necessary.


Only one bathroom on the first floor will be open during opening hours. The bathroom will be cleaned after every program as well as periodically throughout the day.


The upstairs of COA will be designed for staff only.


The building will be professionally cleaned weekly and by staff daily. Cleaning of COA will be documented daily by staff.


Programs will be limited to ten (10) people held only in the large Activity Room. There will be social distancing red marks on the carpet to indicate the six (6) social distancing guidelines. No food or beverages will be supplied by COA. Gatherings in the building, following a program or activity, is prohibited. Attendees will be directed into the program, then asked to leave promptly through the back door following the program or activity. Only one program will be running at a time. No walk- in programs. All programs will require prior registration.

Desk Volunteers

Desk volunteers will follow all entrance procedures. Volunteers will be located at the front desk behind a plexiglass shield. Individuals interacting with desk volunteers will be asked to sit on a designated chair marked at a safe distance. Volunteers are expected to wear a mask and optional gloves.

Program Volunteers

Program volunteers will be asked if they feel comfortable returning as a group leader. Our programs will be scheduled based on leader availability. Program volunteers will follow all entrance procedures. We can also consider continuing the Zoom programs that were created during the COVID crisis.

ORFS & Bike Group

Temperatures will not be taken. The group leader’s responsibility is to adhere to the social distancing expectation.

Off-Site Programs

Participants in off-site programs, run by outside organizations (i.e..: Proctor walking, bone builders), will adhere to those program requirements.

Computer Class

Computer classes will be taught via teleconferencing.


The library will be open Thursdays from 9:00am to 12noon. One person at a time will be allowed in the Library. Gloves will be provided.

Lunch Programs

Cancelled until further notice. Outdoor luncheons will be considered.


Resources for establishing re-opening procedures:

The Centers for Disease Control – CDC.gov

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services – nh.gov/covid19/

Grafton County Senior Citizen Council – Upper Valley Senior Center, Director, Jill Vahey

New London Emergency Management Committee – Lou Botta

A very special thank you to Carroll Concrete and Spring Ledge Farm for sponsoring COA’s “Stay at Home’ Gala!



This website is your portal to a wonderful world of wellness, community engagement, and information about healthy aging in our greater Kearsarge community.

On behalf of our board of trustees, hundreds of dedicated volunteers, and my staff colleagues, I welcome you to our COA website.

We are grateful and honored to serve our senior population in nine local communities and welcome your ideas about programming, activities, and services.

We are a community of like-minded neighbors who help each other live healthy and happy lives in our beautiful Lake Sunapee area. Our Chapin Senior Center is our hub for social interaction, volunteerism, lifelong learning and exploring, healthy aging, and a source for referrals to other organizations and agencies that best meet your needs.

We do this through our 50+ programs and activities, our transportation and mobility equipment services, and our many social and recreational events throughout the year, both solo and in partnership with other community organizations like the Lake Sunapee VNA, local town recreation departments and libraries, and our other partners and collaborators.

We are the main portal of information through which you can begin to seek help, guidance, and information about the second half of life in the Granite State!

We ARE NOT a social services agency in the classic definition of the word, as many important elder services are not directly provided by COA. Rather, we are happy to inform you on where to best find important services like Meals on Wheels and long-term care, as examples.

I invite you to drop into the Chapin Senior Center, speak with me or any of my volunteer or staff colleagues, and find out how to open up a world of healthy living in our beautiful part of New Hampshire.

In the meantime, please enjoy the wonderful resources offered here in our website. You can always email me at kelley@coachapincenter.org.

Be well,

Kelley Keith
Executive Director

About us:

Our Kearsarge Area Council on Aging: People Helping People

COA responds to as many unmet needs in our community as possible, understanding that we are not a traditional "agency"-style service organization, but rather an organization founded on the principle that social engagement is the centerpiece to living a healthy and happy life.

We do offer a couple basic human needs, such as transportation, health related services and education, and nutrition programs.

COA has grown to a full time senior center, meeting many varied and daily needs of area elders, emphasizing social enrichment and interaction.

The Center is open 12 months a year, 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday, closed on Federal Holidays and during Kearsarge Area School closings.

COA serves the residents in Andover, Danbury, Grantham, Newbury, New London, Springfield, Sunapee, Sutton and Wilmot and was founded in 1992.

In addition to almost 50 seasonal programs, activities, and services offered at the Chapin Center, COA partners with area organizations to expand services and programs throughout our nine-town service area. We have a volunteer force of over 142 dedicated individuals and a membership of over 2,800 people. Volunteers contribute more than 4,700 hours of services annually. The transportation program's volunteer driver corps drove over 27,000 miles in 2018, providing rides from important health and wellness visits, to picking up the week's groceries.

COA keeps the community informed on topics of interest to seniors and upcoming events each month. Being a focal point in the senior community allows the COA to function not only as a social and educational hub, but also as an information ​and referral base.

COA is a charitable, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and operates in a good standing with the State of New Hampshire's Attorney General's Office.